Deploy the following: Deploy


Create a file on a publically hosted place, with a single function, called “callback”. Like the backend quickstart, it takes all the same arguments and operates the same way. It must be called “callback”. Specify the URL in the heroku deploy, and you’re all set.

Everytime a new call is made, the script will check for changes, and if there are, will run the latest code available to download.

Your changes may take a few minutes to update. For rapid debugging, it is best to just start a quick bash shell: ``heroku run bash`` and experiment there.

Own Changes

heroku login
heroku git:clone -a [name of deploy]
cd [name of deploy]
# Make whatever changes you need
git add .
git commit -m "Added changes"
git push heroku master

Be sure to change Procfile to reflect the name of your new script